RAWmarkable Salads

Though you may think,  “Umm, isn’t eating vegan all salads anyway?” Well, yes and no. Because I make such awesome salads AND vegan dishes, I thought to separate them into two different sections, RAWmarkable Vegan Feasts, and RAWmarkable Salads. Salads will be more salad-like, lots of greens, lots of sprouts, and just general amazing, beautiful salad things. Feasts are more like whole amazing dishes like my lasagna, zucchini noodle mixtures, stuffed mushrooms and peppers. These dishes are more dense and filling, they have lots of textures and are usually variations of regular dishes like pasta and lasagna. There are no variations on salads, it’s just beautiful colored healthy goodness. This is why I thought to break it down into two categories. Enjoy!

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